• Retaining Wall
  • CLS Piling
  • Concrete wall and capping beam
  • Brick faced with coping on top

This scheme was to replace an existing retaining wall at the toe of an existing embankment. The existing retaining wall had deteriorated and, in some locations, had failed. The new replacement wall involved boring a series of cast-in-place micro piles installed (carried out by others) behind the old wall 0.2m in diameter with CHS sections providing the structural capacity. We formed a shuttered reinforced concrete surround to the piles with a capping beam on top and fixed a steel RSA angle iron to the bottom of the new concrete face and then installed a brick faced wall with a concrete coping stone on top. The total length of the works is approximately 120m.


  • Client: Kier Services Kier Stoke Ltd
  • Date: October 2017 – May 2018
  • Value: £200k