Alex Colesby – Compliance Manager

I have been with R&C Williams for a few years now and I absolutely love working for this company. I came into the industry from a completely different background and originally it was a big learning curve for me. However, I have embraced the challenges I have faced since day one and I haven’t looked back so far during my time with the business

On a day to day basis I get involved with many disciplines within R&C. My tasks vary greatly and could include doing anything in relation to H&S, Environmental, Quality and Logistics within the business. This is brilliant for me in regards to learning a variety of skills to enable me to progress within the company – covering many different roles and supporting various aspects of the business makes every day different, and allows me to have a good overview of how the different parts of the business function as one

If I could meet any historical figure it would have to be Winston Churchill. To get an insight into how he felt and his thoughts whilst leading the country during one of its darkest hours would be fascinating. He was an excellent example of how to stand up in the face of adversity and tackle challenges head on with courage and bravery whilst under huge pressure.